Sunday, December 3

Talking to myself for fear of talking to anyone else

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve been working on this website for a month, tinkering with countless little details, but dreading the day when I would have to tell others it actually exists. I don’t know why am I so worried. I guess it’s just that this is a big change. My old site was comfortable, familiar, and now I feel like I’ve just moved into this new house that looks nice, but where I’m not sure I know where anything is. Did I mention the fact that I hate moving? Well, I do, but it is something that I’ve had to do often enough. This is a different kind of move, so I’m writing a bunch of tiny posts that get deleted without ever seeing the light of day, but enough of that. The time has come for me to stop procrastinating, so tomorrow I’ll let the world (or rather the three people I know) know this site is live!

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