Thursday, July 18

Someone’s missing from this book list

Okay, if you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed that there is someone missing here. That would be The Shadow Walker. The Spanish version is listed but not the English one, why? Well, because it is being effectively rewritten, or maybe expanded would be a better word. What happened was that I decided to write a sequel, but releasing a sequel to a 24,000 words long novella as a separate book felt more than a little silly, so I decided to rework the whole thing into a two part story that incorporates both The Shadow Walker, and its sequel. That one should be ready in a few weeks, though for the time being I chose to leave it out, especially because right now I’m struggling with the question of whether the new version should keep the same title, which I feel fits better, or if I should switch to a different one altogether to avoid any possible confusion.

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