Saturday, December 9

Empty Spaces

Note: what follows is a re-post of a post that was posted to a couple of years ago.

Okay, so I finished a first draft and formatted it to get a general idea as to what the page count was likely to be. This is usually a fairly straight forward process, but this time around the results were kind of borderline. Font size is a known quantity, as is line spacing, but the margins are a different matter. I admit that with my longer books I try to keep them to a minimum in an attempt to keep the prices down (that extra space really adds up when you are talking about a book that’s more than three hundred pages), but at the same time I do realize that wider margins make for a far more pleasant reading experience. The thing is that while with shorter works that’s not usually much of an issue,  this one is kind of stuck in the middle, and that extra space will cause the retail price to go up a bit. The question I have to ask myself now is, is it worth it?

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